Physically, it is impossible for the purchaser of green power from the grid to consume only the electricity produced by the renewable generator. Once electrons are placed on the grid, they are irreversibly mixed with electrons from other generators as they flow along the continuously following the path of least resistance. The green power purchaser consumes a composite mix of electrons generated from all of the plants interconnected to the grid. In the case of renewable energy credtis, the renewable generator is not necessarily located on the same grid as the buyer of green power. Any premium paid for the green power is effectively financial support for the inclusion of a renewable resource in the overall generation portfolio. The net effect is summarized in the picture below where a greater percentage of the overall generation portfolio is obtained from renewable power and the contribution of fossil fuels to this portfolio is eliminated with an equal amount of power generation being from renewable sources.

A KWh of power generated from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas releases anywhere between 0.4 to 0.8 lbs of greenhouse gases like CO2 and other harmful gases like NOx and SOx. Your fossil fuel consumption from the generation of electricity will be fully offset to zero when you sign up with us.

Green Power: How it Works

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